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Carbon Residue Tester (Ramsbottom) LRCT-B20

Carbon Residue Tester (Ramsbottom) LRCT-B20

Carbon Residue Tester (Rams bottom) LRCT-B20 is used to determine the carbon residue of sample which provides an indication of the deposit-forming tendencies of fuels. It inserts up to five samples the furnace quickly reaches the test temperature ranges from ambient to 550°C. Device contain electric heating method and digital PID temperature controller it adopts to ensure the high precision. It features with digital temperature setting, over temperature control, ceramic band heater with cast iron block, and heavily insulated stainless steel cabinet.



Coking furnace Metal furnace
Heating mode Electric heating
Test unit 5 units
Temperature range Ambient to 550°C
Temperature precision ≤ ± 5℃
Ambient temperature (Room temp. to 35)℃
Relative humidity ≤ 85 %
Power consumption 2000 W
Power Supply AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz



Carbon Residue Tester is used in petroleum products carbon residue to determination method and also suitable for measuring the carbon residue in lubricating oil, heavy liquid fuels or other petroleum products.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No. Name Qty
1 Main unit 1 set
2 Glass coking bulb 5 pieces
3 Control bulb 5 pieces
4 Syringe (10 ml) 1 pieces
5 Fuse 2 pieces

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