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Tabletop Laboratory Autoclave LTTA-C10

Tabletop Laboratory Autoclave LTTA-C10

Tabletop Laboratory Autoclave LTTA-C10 is an Automatic Tabletop Steam Sterilizer, offers 20 L of sterilization chamber. Structured with stainless steel, this autoclave is auto-controlled, and can perform rapid sterilization for 4 to 6 min within 105 to 134°C of temperature range. Features steam-water inner circulation system supported by over temperature & over pressure auto-protection, ensures clean and dry environment for sterilization. Equipped with 3 stainless steel sterilizing plates, automatic exhaustion of cool air, this equipment automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization. With safe protection of water lacking, knob-control, and indicator lights, allow user to preset sterilizing temperature and time.



Sterilization chamber capacity 20 L
Sterilization temperature range 105 to 134°C
Maximum working temperature 134°C
Maximum working pressure 0.22 MPa
Temperature stability ≤±1°C
Sterilizing plates Stainless steel ×3 pcs
Timer 0 to 60 min
Rapid sterilization For 4 to 6 min
Steam-water system Inner circulation
Auto protection system Over temperature & over pressure
Safe protection Water lacking
Cool air exhaustion Automatic
Controller Knob control
Indicator lights Yes
Preset function Sterilization temperature and time
Power supply 1.5 kW/AC 220 V 50 Hz (AC 110 V 60 Hz)
Sterilization chamber dimension Φ250×420 mm
Sterilizing plates dimension (L×W×H) 340×200×30 mm
Dimension (L×W×H) 480×480×384 mm
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 700×580×500 mm
Net weight 40 kg
Gross weight 44 kg



Tabletop laboratory autoclave is used for sterilization of surgical, dental and eye instruments, glassware medicine, culture medium and biological dressing, food, etc. across dental clinics, hospitals, school lab, scientific research institutions and laboratory.

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