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Vertical Electrophoresis System LVES-A12

Vertical Electrophoresis System LVES-A12

Vertical Electrophoresis System LVES-A12 is a versatile unit with gel dimension (W × L) 82×88 mm, enables complete control over sample loading and casting dams up to 11 to 60 sample throughput. It runs one, two or up to four gels simultaneously by using a glass plate sandwich. Buffer volume of 1000 ml provides cooling effect and stable pH during process. Transparent glass allows gel observation from both sides. It is used for separation, purification and preparation of protein, amino acid and nucleic acid.



Glass plate size 100 × 100 mm
Gel size 82 × 88 mm
Gel thickness 1.0, 1.5 mm
Number of gel 1 to 4 pcs
No. of samples 11 to 60
Total buffer volume 1000 ml
Dimension 220 × 170 × 120 mm
Weight 2.5 kg



Vertical Electrophoresis System is use for separation, purification and preparation of amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids for studying vaccines, drug discovery, forensics, and DNA profiling or other life science applications. It is also used in industry such as mining or food sciences.

Standard Accessories

Accessories no.Name Qty.
1Lid with cables1 pcs
2Body tank1 pcs
3Gel casting core with electrodes2 pcs
4Gel casting stand2 pcs
5Notched glass plates 6 pcs
6Spacer plate with 1.0 mm glass spacer 4 pcs
7Spacer plate with 1.5 mm glass spacer4 pcs
81.0 mm thickness 11-well comb 4 pcs
91.5 mm thickness 11-well comb 4 pcs
101.0 mm thickness 15-well comb 4 pcs
111.5 mm thickness 15-well comb4 pcs
12Gel releaser2 pcs
13Wedged-shaped plates4 pcs
14Dummy plate3 pcs

Power Supply

Voltage range5 to 300 V
Current range1 to 400 mA
Power range1 to 120 W
Type of controlConstant V, Constant I and Constant P
Display typeLCD screen with backlight
Output jackFour sets
Storage functionStore 10 methods
Programming methodNo
Timing function1 min to 99 h 59 min
V-hr functionNo
Pause control functionYes
Power recovery functionOptional
Automatic memory functionYes
Automatic shutdown functionYes
Intelligent prompt functionsYes
Non-proliferation field functionOptional
Temperature .detection functionNo
Safety performanceYes
Molding machine casingYes
Dimension280 × 237 × 118 mm
Weight3.2 kg

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