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Pocket ORP tester LPOT-A10

Pocket ORP tester LPOT-A10

Pocket ORP tester LPOT-A10 is easy to use ORP meter equipped with a platinum sensor. It is suitable for measuring the oxidation reduction potential of liquids. The relative & absolute mV measurement modes are possible with this pocket ORP meter.



Sensor type Platinum sensor
Connector 6 pin
ORP measurement range (-999) to 999 mV
ORP accuracy ± 2 mV
ORP resolution 1 mV
ORP calibration solutions mV & relative mV
ORP calibration points 1 point (only for relative mV mode)
Data hold function Manual or automatic endpoint detection
Reset function Yes
Display LCD screen
Power off Manual or automatic (8 minutes after last key is pressed)
Power 2 × 1.5V “AAA” batteries
Battery life 200 hours
Dimension (L*dia.) 175 × 40 mm
Weight 100 g



Pocket ORP tester can be used for measurement of chromate reduction, cyanide oxidation, redox & oxidation reaction content in swimming pool water, aquaculture industry and drinking water.

Standard Accessories

ORP electrode
AAA batteries
Carrying case
Plastic storage bottles

Optional Accessories

High purity platinum electorde

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